The following items should accompany all applications for funding through the CCBDD.


( ) Completed Agency Application for Funding
( ) Signature of Board Chair to authorize application for funding (on application form)

Corporate Information:

( ) Board Member List, Occupation and Contact Information
( ) Proof of Insurance: General Liability, Programs, Services, and Assets
(applicable to the purpose of the funding request)
( ) Proof of Registered Non-Profit and Certificate of Good Standing (Secretary of State)
( ) 501(c)3 Determination Letter from the IRS
( ) Agency By-Laws
( ) Agency Articles of Incorporation
( ) Licensure, Certification, or Accreditations (if Applicable)
( ) Employee Policy Manual and Conflict of Interest Policy
( ) Board Resolution authorizing Application for Funds and designated contact person

Agency Financial Information:

( ) Summary of how CCBDD funds will be utilized
( ) Project/Program Business or Strategic Plan
( ) Project/Program Projected Budget

Please return completed application and all accompanying documents to the CCBDD. Applicants will submit nine clearly legible copies of the Application for Funding (including the other required documents) in person to the CCBDD at a regular meeting, or by mail to Cape County Board of Developmentally Disabled, P.O. Box 1519, Cape Girardeau, Mo 63702-1519 or by email to:

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